The Musical Suite

For over 20 years the Musical Suite has been providing students with the highest standard of professional music education. We remain committed to our mission of offering students of all ages and levels an opportunity to explore their unique musical talents, and develop a life long appreciation of music.

Musical Suite students travel from communities throughout the North Shore of Boston to study with our exceptional faculty. Our teachers are chosen for their outstanding talent as musicians and devotion to their teaching profession. Their carefully planned curriculum is individually designed for each student’s needs and level of experience. This approach not only teaches students the discipline of learning an instrument, but it also helps them appreciate the challenge of this process and the sense of accomplishment it brings along the way. Offering ensemble and performance opportunities also helps students gain self confidence with their instrument and experience the fun of sharing their passion of music with others.

Above all, we strive to help our students enjoy their musical education by inspiring and nurturing their creativity and potential talent.

I invite you to share our musical community with us!

Zach Field, Owner